Tamarindo Bay Boutique Hotel

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Tamarindo Bay Boutique Hotel

Traditional Contemporary - Tamarindo Bay Boutique Hotel
View of Phase II opened in Dec 2020

An Oasis in the heart of Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The overall tropical and Zen ambiance experienced throughout the property is a result of thoughtful architecture, meticulous landscaping, and the use of fine finishes. The design achieves a harmonious balance by incorporating elements such as water, wood, stone, glass, reinforced concrete & steel frame, and abundant vegetation.

A key aspect that contributes to the serene atmosphere of the boutique hotel is the abundance of private spaces and secluded areas provided for guests. These areas allow guests to enjoy a sense of privacy and a strong connection to nature.

Boutique Hotel Awards

The hotel has garnered numerous awards and accolades in the boutique hotel and service industry, and it continues to be recognized as one of the top-ranked boutique hotel properties in Central America based on guest reviews.

A testament

Tamarindo Bay Boutique Hotel stands as a testament to the dedication of its owners in creating a unique and captivating hospitality experience, blending influences from around the world with a focus on impeccable service, stunning design, and a serene tropical setting.


Luxury Boutique Hotel - Tamarindo Bay Boutique Hotel

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Client : Bathsheba Goveas & Joseph Garcia
Location : Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Buildout Area : 1600 m2 / 17222 SF
Architecture : Joseph Garcia
Interior Design : Bathsheba Goveas & Joseph Garcia
Photography : Sean Davis & Vamos Photography
Completion : December 2020




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