Virya Luxury Villa

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Refined Sophistication with Breathtaking Hilltop Vistas

Costa Construction Group - Virya Luxury Villa

The development of Virya Luxury Villa was a project fueled by passion from its inception. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, our clients harbored a distinct vision for the villas’ ambiance and aesthetics. Over several months, they meticulously scrutinized and refined both major and minor aspects of the original blueprints, resulting in a bespoke, unparalleled outcome. While this marks their maiden venture in Costa Rica, we anticipate their continued delight in crafting exceptional spaces as they transition to a more permanent status here.


Constructed upon a foundation of reinforced concrete, the building boasts a spacious owner and guest apartment with private entrances on the first level with private designated entrance. The second and third floors designated for the private villas were built using an imported galvanized steel system, ensuring structural integrity. Utilizing state-of-the-art Rock Wool insulation products, the walls and ceilings offer superior thermal and acoustic insulation.

Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors and windows infuse natural light into every corner of the property. Each unit boasts private plunge pools and secluded lounging areas, while upstairs balconies and windows provide sweeping views of the ocean to the West and green hills to the East, evoking a sense of elevation above the bustling town below.

Costa Construction Group - Virya Luxury Villa

The Virya Luxury Villas Project was a gratifying experience for us, collaborating with discerning, passionate and knowledgeable clients in a conducive and creative atmosphere that brought out the best in everyone involved.


Client name : Lidia Zamostean
Tamarindo Hills, Costa Rica
Area (in sqM/SqF) : 420m2 / 4520 SF
Architects : Milena Payne
Designer : Clients
Photographers : Toh of
Month / Year of completion : 2024




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