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Luxury Build – Design & Construction.

The Costa Construction Group stands as a distinguished design builder company, committed to delivering comprehensive services necessary to bring your luxury build project to life in Costa Rica. From the moment you engage with our team, we ensure that every step of the new build process is explained in detail, setting you on the path to realizing your dream project.

Crafting Your Vision into Reality

Our streamlined process is designed to swiftly guide you towards commencing your project. We begin with a complimentary design consultation, during which you will meet with an expert in design and construction who possesses a deep understanding of materials and their applications. To assist you in making informed decisions, we offer an array of material samples and showcase an extensive image library featuring our diverse portfolio of completed projects. These resources serve as visual aids, empowering you to visualize and select the elements that align with your vision.

Next, we collaborate closely with you to define the desired “look and feel” or overall vision of the project. Through this collaborative approach, we ensure that your aspirations are accurately captured. Our experienced team then proceeds to develop a comprehensive building plan and budget that reflect your vision. Once all parties are in agreement, we strive to swiftly schedule our crews to commence work within a short timeframe.

Precision & Craftsmanship

At the Costa Construction Group, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. All our work is guaranteed to meet industry standards, and in most cases, we exceed these benchmarks. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every aspect of your project is executed with precision and craftsmanship.


Rest assured that our dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond the completion of your project. In the rare event of any minor issues or concerns with our contracted work, we provide a guarantee and remain steadfast in our commitment to resolve them promptly. Our unwavering support ensures that we are always there for our clients.

Embark on the journey of transforming your vision into reality by meeting with one of our knowledgeable design and construction experts. Let us guide you through the process, taking into account your unique preferences and delivering a luxury home or boutique hospitality project that exceeds your expectations.

Contact us today to schedule your complimentary design consultation, and let the Costa Construction Group be the catalyst in bringing your dream project to fruition.


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Lets Get Started

At the Costa Construction Group, we collaborate with passionate and highly skilled designers, architects, and engineers who bring their expertise from both local and capital city, San Jose. Our priority is to connect you with professionals who share the same passion and expertise for your project’s design and style. Through this partnership, we ensure that your project receives the utmost attention to detail and quality.

We provide access to our team of designers and rendering experts, who will assist you in the visual concept phase using 3D models. This advanced visualization technique allows us to bring your vision to life before moving on to the blueprint and plans phase. By visualizing your project beforehand, we save you valuable time and money, ensuring a seamless transition to the next stage.


Our Design & Construction Team

Our team consists of expert builders, craftsmen, and contractors who are dedicated to constructing your dream home or perfect pool in Costa Rica. We take pride in guaranteeing that your project will be unrivaled in design, quality, and finishing touches. With our meticulous attention to detail, you can rest assured that your property will not only meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring long-term value.


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Luxury Build

Once we have reached an agreement on the project details, we can swiftly schedule our experienced crews to commence work within a short timeframe. Our commitment to excellence means that all our work is guaranteed to industry standards, and in most cases, we go above and beyond to exceed these standards. In the unlikely event of any minor problems or issues with our contracted work, our guarantee ensures that we will address and resolve them promptly. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are of utmost importance to us.

We invite you to meet with one of our knowledgeable design and remodel specialists who will guide you through the process of creating a vision and design for your next luxury build project. With their expertise and guidance, we will assist you in bringing your ideas to life, ensuring a seamless and successful project.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting with our team, and let the Costa Construction Group be your partner in turning your vision into a reality.

Process before construction

We work with some of the most passionate and prepared designers, architects and engineers in the country, both local and from the capital city of San Jose. Our office will always do their best to connect our clients with architects and engineers that share the same passion and expertise for the design and style of project. We provide access to our designers and rendering experts that will assist you in completing the visual concept phase using 3D Models beforehand so we can clearly represent your vision. This step will save you money and time when you start the blueprint and plans phase of the project.


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Value for life

Our team of expert and talented builders, craftsman and contractors will build your perfect dream home or dream pool in Costa Rica. We guarantee your project will be unrivaled in design, quality and finish giving you the reassurance your property exceeds industry standards and retain value for life.

What we need from you

Once we are all in agreement we can usually schedule crews for commencement of works in a short period of time. All our work is guaranteed to industry standards in most cases we will exceed standards. Don’t worry if there is a minor problem or issue with our contracted work because we guarantee our work and will always be there for our clients.

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Meet with one of our knowledgeable design & remodel specialist and let us assist you with creating a vision and design for your next renovation or remodel project.


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